Fear can stop us in our tracks more than just about anything. We can be afraid to speak up, take that step, reach out, or even right a book. Writing a book can actually be a very scary thing to do, and I know that firsthand! But, we don’t have to let fear consume us and stop us. When you’re faced with a scary diagnosis like cancer, or you are dealing with something else entirely, fear does NOT have to control your life. 

I know it feels impossible to consider, but the more we face fear, the easier it becomes to face it in the future. Here are a few things to do to help put fear in its place:  

  1. Recognize it and appreciate it. Fear is not altogether a bad thing. Often, fear is a signal to us that we are entering into something that is high-risk, and that could mean that our life or well-being may be compromised. Fear has been part of the survival process for thousands of years and it has its place. You can recognize it and call it out, but not let it dictate what you do with your life. There’s a difference.
  2. Look bigger. When we are thinking about fear, it often is in the immediate moment, but if we consider how things fit into the big picture and long-term journey, it’s easier to face. We can do hard things when we know they have a longer, lasting impact. The momentary struggle is real, but it may be worth it in the bigger picture. 
  3. Don’t go alone. Fear seems to diminish the more you have people by your side. Going at hard things alone is so daunting. Going at hard things with friends means it’s not all up to you. You don’t have to be the only one facing this fear or challenge.
  4. Get help. Getting help is one of the bravest things you can do in life. It’s hard to admit you can’t do it all alone. I’ve found, that when you are facing hard seasons of life, you may need to get help from others: doctors, family, meal planning, house-cleaning, and more. The more help you get, the more you can focus on facing your fears head on.
  5. Share your journey. You have a story to tell the world and my guess is that you’ve learned a thing or two from your experiences and struggles. I know I have. The more you can share with others, the more you can help them realize that they, too, can face their fears. That’s my hope in writing my book “Hey Cancer, F**K You.”  I call it a memoir with a message because I want to share what I’ve learned in my cancer journey with others. My struggles and fears are not without purpose. 

Sometimes we have no choice but to face our fears. Life brings us things like cancer and we are forced to face things that are really and truly fearful. We all have the power to face these fears with strength. I hope you find ways to face your own fears today as well.

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