Hello, my name is Lewis “Kip” Shaw, author of Hey Cancer, F**K You! and I was diagnosed with an incurable, metastatic, nonfunctioning pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in 2004.

   It’s regrettable that we’re becoming acquainted under these circumstances.  For patients, care givers and members of the support system I understand how overwhelming your situation is.  Being diagnosed with metastatic cancer is a very challenging situation and faith and courage are essential to meeting the challenge.

   Metastatic cancer is incredibly complicated and there are significant differences between cancer types.  Scores of intertwined and interconnected biochemical pathways are involved.  Additionally each one of us is unique. Consequently one’s response to a drug or treatment and the side effects experienced are individual.  

   Helpful endeavors include: becoming as informed as possible about your disease, obtaining consultation with at least one nonlocal expert in the disease, joining suitable list serve/Facebook groups dedicated to your cancer type and developing a regimen of supplements.

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